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Sunday, June 10, 2018

What if we Can all Thrive Today in Very Simple yet Profound Ways

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Alexandra Dillon Bernardez

We have all been riding this wave a longtime. What if in a matter of days, hours, seconds we can make things right? What if the entire planet can come together on 1 issue that we share this planet and are not alone on the surface in the galaxy or cosmos. What if we can come together around the globe and protect the most basic things life as precious, the sky, water and planet from unnecessary deaths and destruction. What if these steps had nothing to do with politicians and only to do with you and me combining our time, treasure and talents? There isn't anything stopping us. We have everything right now to help each other make the shift to peace and prosperity, health and happiness, and to a society based in wellness where the Sky, Earth and Water are kept pristine.

These steps are in our hands and we can take action today. In the US we are not restricted in any way we have the freedom to plant seeds, help local kids/adults and help local food banks, adopt and sponsor kids/pets, share what we have be it an extra room, extra car, clothes, household goods, gardening tools etc... car pooling, fruits on a tree, and hugs are always free... We are the government we are the ones we are waiting for we can make it happen today with or without huge humanitarian packages we have everything to make it happen because Mother Earth is the VIP and everything is provided to us for free... Mother Nature provides us with sun light, the seeds, the trees, the flora, the precious minerals, gravity and fresh air and water, and precious minerals. What if we simply share these widely with appreciation and gratitude this summer and support growing community gardens, eco friendly goods and services? A simple step with the profound impact of raising healthy kids from the get go, spreading peace and sustainability and supporting a pollution free planet... Saving seeds, planting trees, support local community gardens, and watching kids grow up healthy and happy free of senseless, unjustifiable violence against other creatures and the human race from preventable costly food born chronic ailments... Dr. Will Tuttle wrote a profoundly touching book called The World Peace Diet Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony... Senseless bloodshed on this planet can stop today as we set down weapons of destruction designed to kill and pollute and support eco friendly foods and products and stay connected with the Earth as a loving, trusting, beautiful home where people and animals and creatures of the sea and feather friends can gather and have fun with one another free of preventable harm. Fishing disrupts coral reefs, meat and eggs and milk products take lives prematurely and most humans are allergic to cow milk which is intended for baby cows and ought only be used in emergency situations when freely offered from the cow not taken and sold as a commodity. PCRM explains why milk from animals is not suitable for humans, who across America and globally are dealing with food and water challenges. Trees and flora create peace and prosperity, support the health and happiness of all creatures and a pollution free planet with ample fresh air, clean water, thriving ocean habitats and blue skies around the globe. I am honored to known the research of Dr. Emoto ( sincere prayers, love and gratitude can heal ), Tom Palidino who can eradicate Aids, Malaria, STDs and 400,000 plus pathogens, Judy Bebee who is pioneering global clean energy, Mr. Keshe with the Keshe Foundation, John Roy Searl the inventor of the SEG machine, Synergy one of many companies pioneering Eco Homes and our Telosian / Agarthian brothers and sisters who are already thriving and can share loving solutions that support safe transportation and ethical society practices ... not 1 child on the surface of any race or specie needs to be without safe foods, a loving home and pure water to drink ... we can do this today. Thank you for your love and support and for holding the light and for being the light and for sharing creative solutions... Thank you and Many Blessings.... The true prosperity is right below our feet ... this beautiful Earth and all that is freely offered to all of us ... The Beauty, Majesty and abundance of Mother Nature is free for all.

Manoj Bhargava's simple inventions could be a game changer and each and every child and adult can tap into latent talents, endless love and creativity.

Namaste! Peace and Aloha~

Alexandra Dillon Bernardez ...
Peace Emissary / Creative Director / Consultant
Enjoy Innovation Elegance Adventure

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