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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cabal Arrests July/August

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Ben Fulford says to expect cabal arrests in August. Dave at the X22 Report presents a compelling argument for the arrests to happen in late July/early August. Watch his video from 23'...

Dave: 'Remember what Q said - they waited until a lot of the schools were let out before the IG Report came out to cut down on events that might happen (school shootings). I do believe if they are going to release anything (DNC server/arrests) it will be at the end of July or beginning of August...because schools are completely out of session and it might cut down on any kind of false flags.'

Dave: 'Q has already said, "They moved up the timetable. Trump has already decided to start the attack (on the cabal).'

There are three Q Anon posts that refer to moving up the timetable...

Q Anon post number 798 (21st Feb):

'...We are moving up the timetable.'

Q Anon post number 1289 (27th April):

'...Timetables shift
(Next week)

Q Anon post number 1343 (12th May):

'...Timetable accelerated (misinformation-attack)'

President Trump is not dragging his heels when it comes to arresting the cabal. And it makes sense that the Alliance would want to avoid false flag school shootings by utilizing the summer break.

We will see action very soon - which may explain Q Anon's hiatus from posting. Jordan Sather believes as I do that the Q Anon team is busy working behind the scenes, and they will be back when everything heats up.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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