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Monday, July 30, 2018

Dave Hodges -- Trump Moves to Counter Potential Red Dawn Invasion

Trump Moves to Counter Potential Red Dawn Invasion

Red Dawn

A combined domestic insurgency and a plot to invade the United States is in the words. Before describing these events, it is necessary to define terms:

Blue Wave-The term most often applied to the fact that the Democrats expect to take over both houses of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

Blue Dawn– In the face of the failed Blue Wave, the Deep State and its assets, as funded by criminals such as George Soros, recruit and build a radicalized Blue Dawn forces (ie domestic terrorists) which will bring social and political disruption to America on a scale never before seen. This includes the importation of foreign paramilitary forces, terrorists and assassins (ie MS-13) due to the fact that the Deep State is losing ground in the propaganda wars being waged in the MSM. The MSM is running for cover as their ratings are in the toilet. Movie going is at an all-time low, CNN and Clear Channel Communications cannot pay its utility bill with the help of George Soros which will bring havoc to our country. The Blue Dawn is the knee jerk reaction to losing political control in the face of awakening American public. The “occupy movements” springing up around the country is merely the first step in this movement designed to bring total disruption to the United States prior to the Red Dawn invasion. As reported in yesterday’s story, the Blue Dawn is considered to be a prerequisite to a Red Dawn invasion through 5th column activities.

Red Dawn– Most are familiar with the popular use of this term. Red Dawn is the culmination of both domestic and foreign forces working together to conquer America. Most often the Red Dawn is portrayed as a Central American military force entering the American Southwest from Mexico. Certainly, the new extreme leftist government, headed by the radical AMLO, would not hesitate to allow and to participate in a Red Dawn invasion of the United States. Red Dawn is not designed to do anything but to tie essential parts of our military prior to the commencement of World War III. The Deagel Report addresses the final outcome of this movement as 83% of America, according to the report will not be living by the year 2025.

American Troops on the Move

On Monday, I received an email from a lady who reported that a “very long train with massive amounts of heavy armor” was coming through the railroad tracks, towards the border…”

On Friday, July 27, I was returning from Northern Arizona to attend a funeral in Phoenix, when I encountered a massive caravan of military vehicles. There were easily over 100 vehicles. There were some troop carriers, but mostly communication vehicles. These were support troops for a heavy armor force similar to what was on the train going through Hondo, TX.

We stopped in Cordes Junction, AZ., about 10AM on July 27th and I engaged one of the soldiers who was part of the caravan headed south on Interstate 17, about an hour north of Phoenix. I asked the soldier where they were coming from. And I also asked him where they were headed. He replied that he was not permitted to answer the question. I told him that I hope he enjoyed a burrito when he reached the Mexican border and he laughed. He asked me what made me think that his unit was headed to the border? I told him this was not a National Guard operation because all I saw were combat support troops. I said it was obvious that his caravan which was designed to be a movement to link up with a much larger force than one would see in a typical National Guard training activity. His body language told me I was correct in my assessment. Therefore, I knew he was headed to link up with a mobile combat force that contained tanks, etc. I also asked him if he understood the term “Red Dawn”. He sarcastically replied by asking me if I thought we were going to be invaded by some unknown force south of the border. I told him that he had just answered my questions because I knew back in April that heavily armed terrorists were entering the country. He begged me to not to publish any identifying information in order to avoid any repercussions from speaking with me.

Kathy Rubio

As coincidence would have it, Kathy Rubio called me as we approached Phoenix and I told her what I was seeing.

Kathy told me the reason for her call is that Nicaragua is in a state of civil war. She asked for my help with regard to a situation in which young men are being conscripted by both sides of the conflict. Both sides are going door to door and taking young me from their homes. If they resist they are being murdered.

Kathy was calling to ask for my assistance in a manner that I cannot reveal here because it could cost the lives of relatives that she has in the area. Kathy and I are speaking later today and there will be more information on this civil war that I will be able to share that does not directly involve her family.

I contacted a former ARSOF officer, who at one time had a duty station that involved Central America. He confirmed what Kathy had told me. He said that this is a Red Dawn related activity being perpetrated by the CIA in an Iran-Contra type of operation. I want to be very clear here. There are presently elements of the CIA actively supporting communist, Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista’s . With the support of the CIA, Ortega will prevail. He is an avowed enemy of the United States. His forces are being groomed to be a part of the future Red Dawn force that will cross into the United States. This civil war has two purposes: (1) establish Ortega’s hold on the country and the region by possessing superior military power; and, (2) this conflict provides real military training for Ortega’s forces. this is Red Dawn in training in concert with the beginning of Blue Dawn domestic violence.

Red Dawn History

Four years ago, I was contacted by an active DEA agent who had extensive experience with the forces that will be involved in the planned invasion of the United States that we call Red Dawn. This DEA special agent who is still on active status with the agency. His stated reason for coming forward is that he will not be a participant in the planned demise of the United States in which the DEA, as well as other federal agencies, will be complicit by their covert and overt participation.

Here are some excerpts from our published communications.

My DEA source was involved in drug interdiction in Peru, which is the leading cocaine producer in the world with a 325 metric tons of operation. One of his main jobs consisted of developing confidential sources (CS) into actionable intelligence information which could be used toward retarding of the blossoming drug trafficking business in Peru.

The Peruvian police and military only intercept 3-5% of the gross drug traffic and that is by design. It gives the appearance that something is being done, while a drug trafficking empire is being established in this country to a degree never imagined in the past.

Senior DEA officials are running interference for a massive drug organization known as the SANCHEZ-Paredes drug cartel and it is based out of Peru. However, not many Americans will have heard of this cartel. Yet, they have been around since 1976 and are more massive that any of the Mexican drug cartels in terms of the size and impact of its operations….

DEA senior officials are fully complicit in these drug and gun running operations. Let’s examine the leadership of Patrick Stenkamp who formerly served as the Regional Director (aka Special-Agent-In-Charge) in Peru. Peru now serves as the regional headquarters for the DEA in the region since Bolivia kicked the DEA out. Also, Peru has taken over the title of “King on Cocaine” from Columbia. (Editor’s Note: I have since learned the CIA provides cover and operational support for these drug-running and and subsequent fundraising activities for the procurement of arms. Hence, my earlier reference to Iran-Contra style of activity being promoted by the CIA.).

As Regional Director, Stenkamp decided what cases to pursue and which to conveniently ignore. According to my source, Stenkamp fired the last three special agents who dared to investigate the SANCHEZ-Paredes cartel. This group operates with impunity under the watchful eye of DEA leadership and if DEA special agents want to prolong and advance their careers, they better play along or they will end up like the three agents who tried to investigate the SANCHEZ-Paredes cartel, out of a job…. (Editor’s note: the SANCHEZ PAREDES CARTEL is the organizing and funding hub for both Red Dawn and Blue Dawn terrorist activities. They, in turn, are being funded by the CIA and drug trafficking endeavors)

My previous investigation in looked into the role that Sinaloa’s played with regard to the present immigration crisis and it revealed three significant details:

1. As reported…, the Sinaloa’s have been connected to terrorist organizations since 2007 as reported in the MSM.

2. The Sinaloa’s, along with MS-13 have received paramilitary training at camps outside of San Salvador along with military grade hardware (e.g. RPG missile launchers, AK-47’s and anti-tank weapons. This is all supplied by the terror organization of Hamas and Hezbollah.

3. The Sinaloa’s and Los Zetas drug cartels are using MS-13 gang members as assassins in removing political and law enforcement obstacles in Mexico. The Border Patrol has repeatedly said that MS-13 members are being processed into the United States by the thousands by the Border Patrol who are being told to look the other way, by DHS directives, when it comes to processing MS-13 gangsters into the United States.

Thee operations became the Red Dawn base camps. Kathy Rubio is an eyewitness to these camps and we done interviews on her observations of these paramilitary training camps in El Salvador.

My previous investigations looked into the role that the Sinaloa drug cartel along with various terrorist groups, along with the importation of MS-13 to the US, played with regard to the immigration crisis of 2014 and it revealed three significant details:

1. As previously reported, the Sinaloa’s have been connected to terrorist organizations since 2007 as reported in the MSM.

2. The Sinaloa’s, along with MS-13 have received paramilitary training at camps outside of San Salvador along with military grade hardware (e.g. RPG missile launchers, AK-47’s and anti-tank weapons. This is all supplied by the terror organization of Hamas and Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is why Jeff Sessions was visiting El Salvador. Jeff Sessions is Deep State and he is behind the FBI raid on Trump’s Attorney. (Editor’s Note: From what I have learned, I do not believe anything with regard to the Russian-Collusion-Delusion will develop. However, I have learned that Cohen is in possession of material that relates to Red Dawn activities in which the President stored with Cohen to avoid being available for public scrutiny under FOIA. Unfortunately, the Deep State discovered where Trump was hiding his intel. If you recall, that back in April, Trump sent troops to the border to allegedly stop 1500 migrants marching toward the US in a much publicized border jumping event. I made the point at that time that Trump did not need the military to stop a mere force of 1500 immigrants. This move was Trump’s first in terms of developing intel and readying the border to repulse a coming Red Dawn invasion in the future. It was during this time when Cohen’s office was raided. They are looking for what Trump knows so they can anticipate his future move.).

3. The Sinaloa’s and Los Zetas drug cartels are using MS-13 gang members as assassins in removing political and law enforcement obstacles in Mexico. The Border Patrol has repeatedly said that MS-13 members are being processed into the United States by the thousands by the Border Patrol who are being told to look the other way, by DHS directives, when it comes to processing MS-13 gangsters into the United States. This is why President Trump was so concerned back in April of 2018.

Thanks to my DEA source I was able to see how the drug running has turned into Red Dawn paramilitary camps which will be used to invade the United States in the heels of war breaking out with Russia and China. As I stated yesterday, I am confident that Putin is not part of this plot. I think it is likely that when this plan is fully executed, both Putin and Trump will not be in power.


Because this is a breaking story, this will have a sudden and incomplete ending. However, I am confident that I will soon be interviewing Kathy Rubio regarding these unfolding events.

Despite the fact that this is an ongoing development, it is clear that the President is moving to counter any potential Red Dawn invasion.

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