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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Free Europe -- Best POTUS of all Time

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus

Best POTUS All time.

Here in Europe, we see NATO as a terrorist organisation led by the Deep State.

We do not need to be protected for the Russians, we are certainly not enemies of each other.

Just as Russia would not be an enemy of the US, everything would be a lie to keep the MIC running.

Go and realize that we all sit on the same space ship that is called Earth.

It is not nice for your own army to kill people for the profits of bankers and MIC.

Protecting one's own culture is perfect, but where we can we must help each other.

Africa is another problem that we must solve together by offering our knowledge and help.

If the people do not want it, it is their problem, if they do not want to learn or work, to shape their own existence.

I look forward to the NATO being dissolved and the Chemtrails being stopped so that we can begin to transform the earth into the paradise for which it was once intended.

However, it is your duty to first clean up the ship with Russia and China to remove the Cabal and its puppets as well as Rutte and his Nazi government on behalf of the Satanists family of Willen Alexander van Amsberg.

Thanks to them, the Netherlands is a rogue state that has taken its own people hostage with deception and deception.

Since all contracts signed with the Netherlands are not legally binding on the world, almost all treaties are not.

Because the Netherlands is a province of Germany from 13 May 1940, and the kingdom has lapsed due to the flights of the Nazi family of Orange, along with the government.

Hope that all countries will get their own currency back and that we will be freed from the euro, this was a weapon to drive all countries into poverty.

By mixing us with strange undesirable cultures, it has been hoped that we will be destroyed in order to shape their fascist federal EU.

As a result, we have been left with underprivileged people who want to be cared for by us without participating in our society.

Heartfelt greetings


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