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Saturday, July 14, 2018

History's Greatest Crime -- The Cancer Giants

The Cancer Giants & History's Greatest Crime.

Patrick Rattigan N.D.

In Germany, in the Octobers of 1881 / 1883, two children were born, who were to become the leaders in the area of cancer research and treatment : Otto Warburg and Maximillian Gerson. ln 1931, Dr Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize , Physiology or Medicine , for research carried out on cancer's basic mechanism . He defined cancer as a condition where the respiration of oxygen in thenormal cell is replaced by the fermentation of glucose .In " The Metabolism of Tumours ", he stated that cancer is characterized by two basic conditions : hypoxia and acidosis .

" Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other. ..

All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen - a rule without exception. ... Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous."

Cancer starts with a single cell , doubling, in number , whilst the immune defences are down : if a tumour forms, it is after, on average, around 10 years : then, cells may then metastasise to the rest of the , already , cancerous body . In a genuine – as opposed to a misdiagnosed false-positive - case of cancer, the tumour is not part of a localised condition : metastasis is not the spreading of cancer to previously-healthy tissue

. The Warburg research was in line with the previous -1892- Scientific American piece which concluded “ Cancer is most frequent where meat-eating habits prevail.” : acidosis , due to an unbalanced animal / plant dietary intake , leading to hypoxia and then to changes at cellular level and to cancer . Other studies including the D.C. Campbell 1980s 8,000 - component China Study , confirmed the link .

As the human dietary consumption ratio gradually flipped from around 85/90% pure plant + 10/15% pure animal … to 10/15% poisoned plant + 85/90 % poisoned animal .. plus the carcinogenic , immuno-suppressive synthetic-saturation of the environment , cancer changed from being rare to being endemic within the developed world .

When the 1931 prize was announced , the cancer industry , nothing like today's trillion-dollar enterprise but growing rapidly and looking forward to a hugely-financially-rewarding future, faced a , short-lived , dilemma.

There were three main options : challenge the research – this would need Nobel-level contradictory-research : out of the question : switch to safe , effective , inexpensive non-patentable nutritional therapy based on the science: out of the question : ignore the Gold Standard Science research as though it had never happened.

The politicians , the regulatory authorities and controlled-media allowed The Cancer Business to do just that.

In 1966, after his work had been suppressed for over thirty years , Dr Warburg addressed a meeting of his fellow Nobel Laureates and declared “ there is no disease , whose prime cause is better known, than cancer .”

If this was not recognised “ millions must die , unnecessarily.” Now, hundreds of millions .

Max Gerson was a young medical student whose career was threatened , before it started , by crippling migraine . He had been, since a young child , devoted to the soil and its inhabitants and studied their behaviour , when faced with the un-natural : as in the incidence of earth worms , avoiding areas , chemically fertilised.

He believed the answer to his problem lay in the food and its purity : after two years of research , his illness was gone and he then qualified as a doctor and , at first , concentrated on migraine .

One of his patients reported that , not only was his migraine cured but also his skin tuberculosis : Dr Gerson contacted Dr Ferdinand Sauerbruch , Germany's leading orthodox practitioner , in the field of skin TB .

A trial was set up , involving 450 patients : Dr Sauerbruch would have been surprised and pleased if any showed improvement : 446 recovered .

After leaving Nazi Germany to protect his family - his seven siblings stayed and perished- Dr. Gerson travelled to the USA , by way of living for a time in England . He turned to cancer , using , as with the other conditions , the same raw , organic, alkalising , oxygenating , plant regime , which Dr Warburg had pointed towards , as a preventative / treatment . His highly successful treatment led to him testifying to a Senate committee on July 1,2,3 1946 , presenting 10 of his cases .

The Pepper-Neely Anti-Cancer Bill, doc. 8947, to allocate $100 million dollars – at 1950s rates - to research a cure for cancer, was heading in the direction of The Gerson Therapy.

In the evening of July 3 1946 , US network ABC anchorman, Raymond Swing, announced to the whole nation, that

“ For the first time in history , a cure for cancer has been found ” : Swing was fired , two weeks later , after 30 years with the ABC .

Intense lobbying by the American pharmaceutical , medical and research organisations , aided by two senators , who were also doctors , resulted in the Bill being lost by 4 votes .

The Bill is still gathering dust in the US Printing Office archives .

Dr. Gerson fell ill during the preparation of his “ A Cancer Therapy : results of 50 cases “ : on recovering he found that the manuscript had been stolen : it took him a year to re-write . After publishing , he fell ill again , tested positively for arsenic poisoning and died in 1959 .

The Gerson legacy has lived on and is now going ever-stronger at the Gerson Centre and at various practices , around the world .

Case histories , in the hundreds of thousands , from the multiple US / Mexican etc. holistic clinics are all based on the work , theoretical and practical , of the two cancer giants – Warburg and Gerson .

Many, if not most, of the patients are in a similar state to those, who our NHS are sending to the hospice.

The first UK cancer research organisation was founded in 1902 : a rival group began in 1923 . They have a , combined , 200 years of fund-raising. Cancer research has always strictly avoided any and all threats to The Cancer Business : the proven safe, effective , natural, inexpensive therapies are inside a ring-fenced , strictly-no-go area : there have been no instances of any genuine cancer research in the history of the enterprise.

'' A solution to cancer would mean the termination of research programmes, the obsolescence of skills, the end of dreams of personal glory... triumph over cancer would dry up contributions to self-perpetuating would mortally threaten the present clinical establishment by rendering obsolete the expensive surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments in which so much money,training and equipment ls invested...' and, as for a natural, non-patentable approach …" the new therapy must be disbelieved, denied, discouraged and disallowed at all costs, regardless of actual testing results .. preferably, * without any testing at all.'' The Houston/Null Analysis.

* critical , to avoid having to rig a trial whilst the opposition are watching , like hawks.

CRUK are clawing-in £1. 2 billion+ - £1,200,000,000+ – every two years .

Salaries , social security , pensions, alone for the 3,900+ office staff cost £125 million / year . . If Race for Lifer, wearing her Pink Bunny costume and her " Cancer , We're coming to get you " T-shirt raises £100 , this will keep the CRUK office staff paid / pensioned for almost 30SECONDS .

Fatuous slogans : " l'm all clear...l shouldn't be here ", coupled with other total fabrications keep the cash flowing in

ln the early 70s, treatments developed through “ research” were killing half of the patients within a year : more spaces between the doses of the lethal drugs led to longer dying times : this produced CRUK slogans - " Thanks to improved treatments more women..are now being successfully treated .. Survival rates have doubled .. Each year thousands of people beat cancer thanks to Cancer Research UK ” from a group, supremely confident, with very good reason, that it can put out whatever fantasy it chooses without any threat of regulation, civil or criminal : “ It is a crime to knowingly or recklessly provide false or misleading information ”.: sec. 60(1Xb) of the Charities Act 2011 . The Met. police were not interested : neither were the - Derbys. - locals. Michael Pragnell led the creation of Syngenta, of bee-killing pesticide fame : it became world leader in " crop protection ", following the merger of the agrochemicals / plant bio-science businesses of AstraZeneca and Novartis. " Organic food is highly toxic, ...sticking to an organic regime just puts plants under greater and greater strain - and life for farmers in the UK is only going to get more difficult as the result of organic farming." Pragnell , D. Telegraph . He retired in 2007 after a 39-year career in the chemical, genetic-modification and bio-technology industries. As the ideal choice , Michael Pragnell was made Chairman of Cancer Research UK . ln the year 2017, in the UK, there were around 163,000 deaths of people , diagnosed with cancer , including some 12,000 deaths of women, diagnosed with breast cancer : these were people who , typically, did as they were told, before the diagnosis and who, overwhelmingly , did as they were told , after it . They ate The Dept. of Health Balanced Diet, with all that it promotes and allows – animal produce , complete with antibiotic/vaccine/pesticide/herbicide residues , “ 5-a-day “ , grown in dead soil and sprayed 20 times is alright, aspartame , MSG and the whole range of synthetic food-additives .. : they had the recommended vaccines, the antibiotics, the anti-coagulants, the anti-depressives the antivirals .. the anti-everything, .. the statins, .. the steroids ...the CT scans, the mammograms .. When they were diagnosed, they were coerced into the tumour-attack package of surgery, cytotoxic drugs - * chemical warfare, radioactivity ... a highly carcinogenic, immuno-suppressive , liver / heart / kidney / lung – destructive regime , diametrically opposed to that , needed for survival , with the inevitable result .

On the numbers : the untold millions of deaths , the tens of billions of “ research “ dollars/pounds, clawed-in, no other crime is in the same league as the suppression of the work of the Drs. Warburg and Gerson .

My requests , under the British Freedom of Information Act , 2000 , for " peer-reviewed , scientifically-valid evidence of a correlation , connection , cause-effect relationship between , on the one hand , the use of surgery, cyto-toxic drugs and radiation , in the treatment of cancer and on the other hand , increased patient survival : as opposed to the patients , not being treated , at all ” were submitted to NHS England and NIHCE .

Both provided the same answer - too costly and time consuming to find out if they have that information .

Notably they had not " found the evidence ", but , very wisely , decided not to look for it , as all of the available evidence shows that the untreated live - often much - longer . An Oxford Uni. study put the total cancer cost, all factors considered, to the UK , at £16 billion per year. (2012) .

* During WW II a ship carrying sulphur mustards -chemical warfare- was bombed. Before they died,the troops and crew developed depleted bone marrow and lymph systems , which have cells that naturally divide faster than other cells. The cancer industry saw the possibility of mustard gas being used in the treatment of cancer cells that also divide faster : in 1942/3, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Yale Univ. began secret trials on breast cancer patients . As now, no-one was cured but since the tumours shrunk , the trials were declared to be a " success " : cell-killing drugs were developed : the first drugs were nitrogen mustards : The multi-billion dollar “ chemotherapy ” industry was born : untold millions have died from its effects .


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