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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kabamur -- Raphael (Twin Soul of Kabamur): JFK Jr.

~The Great Awakening~


29. Juli 2018

By Kabamur

Beloved Friends!

Many Beautiful Lives Have Ended At The Hands Of Those Opposing The Light.

We Have Always Shared Honestly What Most Seeking Truth Have Found For Themselves.

For We Believe Fully That If You Are A Truth Seeker, You Will Finally Realize Your Higher Self Has All Of The Intuition For The Answers You Seek.

You May Not Get The Details But You Indeed Can Know The Truth By Going Within.

We Share On A Subject Familiar To Most And Yet Never Addressed To Be Solved Or Brought To The Light.

In This Moment We Choose To Do This For Many That Still Love This Being So.

You Know Him As John F. Kennedy, Jr., A Beautiful Young Man Of 38 That Was Supposedly To Have Died Tragically In A Plane Crash As He Flew To Attend A Wedding.

Beloved Ones! You Know By Now That You Have Always Been Lied To When The Name Hillary Clinton Is Involved.

She Is Of Complete Darkness And Has Been Involved In Sex Trafficking, Murder, Theft And The List Goes On.

She Is A Prolific Liar Of Darkness.

This Beloved Soul Of Light Is Our Friend Of Electra By The Name Of KANDAMAR.

He Was A Free Spirit Of Great Power And Joy For His Short Time On Earth.

He Always Knew His Life Would Be Cut Short As His Father’s Was,

But He Remained Steadfast In The Many Threats And Refused Pleiadian Intervention.

He Knew Before He Arrived He Would Leave Early.

He Chose To Not Know How Or When. He Would Not Have Allowed His Wife Or Her Sister To Be With Him If He Had Known.

Now, We Will Tell You That the CIA Had Completely Destroyed John’s Plane.

Knowing He Would Be Over Water, The Mechanism For Causing The Destruction Was Activated And John Could No Longer Control The Plane.

This Was A Precision Move That Was Watched And Observed By Those That Arranged The Action And Murder By Request Of Hillary And Bill Clinton.

The Purpose Was To Be Rid Of John As He Was Running For The US Senate Seat That Hillary Felt Was Hers.

As You Know Now, She Does Not Like To Lose And Has Felt The Same Hatred Toward Our Beloved POTUS.

Many Will Be Reminded POTUS Is AA Uriel, Who Has Incarnated For The Lifetime Of Humanity Awakening.

We Also Will Share That Donald Trump And The Young John F. Kennedy Jr. Were The Closest Of Friends And Spent Much Time Together.

We Also Remind Those That Follow Our Beloved ‚Q‘ That A Reference Was Made Regarding The News We Share Now.

Be Aware Of All Of The Destruction That Related Groups Have Caused Across Your Great Planet.

We Are Ready For Those To Be Brought To Justice.

Even Clones Should Be Destroyed.

Be Strong And Continue In Light!

We Rise Together!

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