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Thursday, July 5, 2018

More Fake Reality Exposed -- ESA Images of Comet 67P from Rosetta Spacecraft?

More Fake Reality Exposed: ESA Images of Comet 67P from Rosetta Spacecraft? [video]

JULY 5, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Right-angled cloud – Source:

Many people have researched NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and the lies they tell because few accept our fake reality any longer as evidenced by the profusion of theories about flat Earth or round Earth, domed Earth, space is water, and space missions and moon or Mars landings being filmed in a studio.

They might all be correct. We just don’t know, but many have a hard time accepting that just because they show an astronaut’s hair standing straight up they are on a space craft without gravity. Maybe they’re hanging upside down. Where’s our critical thinking?

I believe the statement, “Everything we’ve been told is a lie” is completely valid.

How one can look at a cloud formation like the one above and think they live in a natural existence is beyond me. I just don’t know what to think anymore about the manipulated world we inhabit.

Rosetta arrives at comet 67P – Source:

Among other things, this recent video offering from LogicBeforeAuthority channel analyzes the newest photos of the 67P “comet” released by the European Space Agency (ESA) this week, using a free, public tool at and the results are very interesting, but sadly, not surprising. You can’t argue with metadata.

I used a personal photo of my own taken with my iPad as a baseline for this tool so I could see how an undoctored image would show in the software. There were a few outlines in white, but 97% or better of the image was black. Try it for yourself. It takes only a moment and then you can appreciate what Daniel is showing you. It’s so easy even a techno-weenie like me can do it.

I can tell you I’ll be checking a lot more Internet images with this tool in future before I accept them as original. I think Photoshop is a lot more common than we realize. The cloud photo above looks just like my personal photo. The real deal. Daniel shows us images where “Photoshop” appears right in the metadata.

In fact, everything in that image of the Rosetta space craft above is white in the Fotoforensics tool, except the background. Check it out at this link.

The metadata says, “Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh”. Now, while an image for use on a website might be created for that purpose to represent something they don’t have a proper image for, passing off original photos of a comet supposedly taken by a spacecraft when they are Photoshopped and not saying they’re Photoshopped, is something else.

We need transparency. If the images of the “comet” are Photoshopped, then we don’t know that it is what they tell us. It could be a macro shot of a clump of dirt in Iowa. Frankly, 67P looks like a clump of dirt. Daniel also shows us a lot of very interesting evidence he’s found about related topics.

We also see compelling research in the video from others who believed NASA was trying to pull the wool over our eyes and set out to prove it. We’ve all been ridiculed for questioning, but we can handle it. We just want the truth.

We know the controllers are not giving us the full story on much of anything, so the vast wealth of knowledge available on the Internet is akin to one molecule in a full body of evidence. We are simply not told the truth about reality, so to take what we can see as the final word is not prudent. They give us a smidgen of controlled information to throw us off the trail and appease us so we’ll stop looking and accept the crumbs they toss out for us to latch onto…

…and latch on is exactly what some of us do; fighting to the death to defend our “truth” because we think we have all the answers. Some feel they’re right, and it can’t be any other way. I’m quite sure we’re all in for a rude awakening. I don’t believe for a moment that we have the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I believe we’re still being deceived on many levels.

The establishment cannot afford for us to know the full truth or it would be game over for them. If they come forward and tell us yes, they lied, and the truth is blah, blah, blah… they’re lying. That day is not yet here. What we get is distraction. Red herrings. And they stink.

I suspect the truth is much different from what the controllers allow us to access, and pass off as “insider information” or “whistleblower testimony”. They make it sound like it’s top secret and very dangerous to reveal when it’s all part of their plan to divert us. We’re being managed—quite often by shills and actors.

Everything’s a psyop. They want us to think we know the truth, and we don’t. They are protecting their assets and keeping us in the dark in a controlled environment. We are mushrooms; bacteria in a Petri dish. It’s all we know, so we can’t escape. If we know the whole truth, they lose their advantage.

Of course I don’t know what the reality IS, but I am quite certain it is so far from what we’re allowed to know that all hell would break loose if the truth was told too soon, without the set-up and preparation required to take the sting out of it for those who accept WYSIWYG. We’re going to have to break it to them gently.

I suggest folks with enquiring minds take a look at this video, and while it’s a little slow in the beginning analyzing the “comet” photos ESA is passing off as real, watch right to the end and listen to Daniel’s surprising theory. Anything’s possible, and I would never say he’s wrong.

Every time I think of that giant thumb in the images shared by Yellow Rose for Texas in her videos about the Lie NASA Told, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Very small. Perhaps that was the message in Avatar, as well, through the thirteen foot Na’vi.

After examining the evidence submitted by so many researchers as to what is NOT real, one might be left with only one glaring question about our reality: “What IS real?” Or perhaps, “Just how unreal is it?”

Ignore the content notification you see on the video below and you will be able to watch, “Escaping the Matrix”, as usual. ~ BP

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