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Sunday, July 29, 2018

QHHT Questions on World Events -- End of July 2018

QHHT Questions on World Events - End of July 2018

This is a recent QHHT session I had where I asked questions that seemed important and to try and get a behind the curtain look at what is really going on behind the news stories, Links to the news stories will be at the end of the answers.

Interesting where some of these questions lead to, which was not intended but still interesting to know, the Higher Self is very intelligent it will only tell you what you need to know, often it’s not a direct answer to the question, it also does it’s best to answer in a way that our minds can make sense of rather than making the answer over complicated.

These conversations where done this week, end of July 2018.

1. Did the UK Queen surrender to the alliance this month and can you tell us more about that situation?

Higher Self: Yes, this war has been going on long enough and is finally coming to an end,

Practitioner: is this going to co-inside with the shift?

(No answer)

Practitioner: Are people’s consciousness levels going to raise?

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