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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Reader: Regarding Claiming indemnity, Anna Von Reitz

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Response to:
Anna Von Reitz -- Here it is, Tied up with a Bow

While I fully appreciate the effort taken to recap this whole fiasco Anna, the question I have Still Remains:

Now that the powers that be know the whole fraud scenario which was enforced upon us in one Fell Swoop why can't it be undone in one Fell Swoop. Why should we have to each go individually and change, alter, or prove anything to prove that we do not owe these bills.

Your statement "You have been coerced and suffered racketeering - seeking to force you to repay rather than letting you claim your indemnity" begs the question "Why should we have to claim our indemnity if the facts are now known that we were not liable to begin with". Isn't this the equivalent of a class action suit more or less where everyone should be compensated at the same time?

Where have all the bastard attorneys over the last hundred and fifty years been with regard to this. Did not any one other of them figure this out? Are they all corrupt lying bastards, judges too? Regardless, the truth is out; the facts are known; the legalities are known; why can't it just be indemnified for all at once versus each state and individual having to go and claim indemnity.

If every Joe average American was never meant to pay any of these bills that are associated with mortgages, car loans, college loans, credit cards, utility bills,etc., then that fact should be announced to the American people, everybody at once, and the fraud stopped immediately. Since the fraud was perpetrated against us without any doing on our part certainly there is a way for it to be undone without any individual doing on our part. We are already signed on via our birth certificates, the vehicle used to defraud us. Common sense.

Isn't the remedy covered under NESARA?

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