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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Reader: Tips, Because I Care

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By June Ann



Because I care, but, research for yourselves too.

Do research to find water that doesn't contain fluoride. I use Crystal Springs brand of Spring Water. Each state has their own name branded from the same company. Get the information on your state here. One can also install a whole house filter that would help in showering as well, this is best option if one can afford to do so.

Throw away the poisonous white table salt if you're still using it. The minerals and nutrients have been stripped causing it to be sodium chloride which the body recognizes as a poison without the nutrients adhered to it. Go with Celtic or Himalayan Pink Salt.

Black Lights put negative ions in the air and can be used to clean the air.

Get an Air Filter for cleaning the inside air of your living space. I use Surround Air as it has 6 filters and one filter can be cleaned with water. It also uses a black light feature for ion in the air.

When one goes to their Western Medical Doctor and asks for a cancer test, a specimen will be taken and sprinkled with sugar, left for some hours and then observed to see if anything grew. If there is a large amount of growth, there is cancer. You see, cancers grow with sugar. Every human has a certain amount of cancer cells, but, it's when one consumes a lot of sugar and acidic foods as well that those cancer cells multiply and get out of hand. So maybe this information will help you choose foods that will aid in avoiding cancers. I hope so.

Now for toxins we hear about this that can remove this or what about that one that can remove that. Well how about one that removes all of it including radiation and nano particles? Then that would be Liquid Zeolite.

Pure Body:

Pure Body Extra Strength:

A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage plus 4 sprays of Extra Strength in the morning and the same at night will do just that, protect us from the chemtrail metals, toxins and more. It acts like a magnet to metals and radiation. This is an excellent video on that subject.

Take a spoon full of Bentonite Clay mixed in water everyday to keep the parasites at bay. I use this one as it comes from a good source, has great quality and they are so knowledgeable and helpful when I call (They actually answer their phone).

On the subject of vaccines... I would advise everyone not to get injected. I often ask “What's you favorite ingredients in vaccines?” This usually stumps a lot of people. Who really knows what they are allowing in their body via vaccine? Not many. Truth is there's a lot of ingredients one wouldn't want in their body, example: fetal aborted cells are often used in vaccines.

One big nasty that you may have is a Smart Meter. They tell us they are safe (hahah) but tests conducted by many people using radiation meters show that these things spike. I live in an apartment complex and can't control that radiation, but, you may be able to. I have found a source that can rid frequency with a ring.

Wear or display orgone. Orgonite gives off life force energy or Orgone Energy ( negative ions ) it's what the planet and all it's living things use in every day survival! Orgonite is made up of metals

crystal and copper shavings and other metal shavings put under pressure in a matrix of resin! Once these natural minerals are under pressure together they perform a kind of natural magic and

are very healing and protective! You can find them in a lot of places. I like

Love To You And Yours,

June Ann


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