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Monday, July 30, 2018

The Rats are in Charge

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Steve Hilton, with Fox News, Sunday Night, on July 29 took his rifle aim from Russia and turned it on China. Oh Ho, Mate, not so fast! We're on to your tricks, silly wabbit! There are some who do not deserve to own a rifle much less coach others on the fair and noble use of firearms. The majority of our Fake News Media are included in this rubbish pile of useless waste. And IMO Fox News deserves a special place in this select pit of feces. They pose as being "conservative" and "for the people" while continuing with their magpie role, repeating the propaganda they are told to repeat.

Last night case in point is when Mr. Hilton, (a Brit by birth, here in US by choice?) directed his ire at China vs Russia, for the dirty crimes of Chinese companies paying our politicians for playing in the US market. What a joke! (NOT!) "Pay for play", is the buzz-phrase created during the Clinton Foundation scandals and SOP (standard operating procedure) for US politicians and every politician around the world. This has laid the groundwork for poisoning the air with chem-trails, poisoning our food supply with GMOs; (not) teaching our children and worse, killing them with vaccines. I could go on and on. This pay-for-play left the politicians rich and killed Greece's economy, and Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Slovenia, etc., etc. The Central Bankers crimes are legendary and more than I have time to list. The harm done to all the people on this beautiful planet will take generations to correct. Correct it we will!

Should our sites be aimed at China? Ha! Such a joke. The truth is that the kind people of China have suffered under communist, authoritarian/gestapo rule for more than 6 generations and only during the past few years have these poor people seen a glimmer of hope and change. These innocents prayed for help from the "Land of the Free" and what they got was further control via IMF/BIS/UST, etc., etc., the suits have had a fine time. The majority of Chinese are Christian (60+%) and embrace the Christ principles of LOVE, forgiveness and healing. These people are trying to grow in God's Grace. It's true that Chinese start-up companies are given help upon start-up and expansion and funded by the government. So are Israeli start-up companies funded by their government. Also similar to Israel, the Chinese government is run by retired military and viewed as an easy retirement bonus with little effort and easy pay and has been for many years a good-old-boy-network. The pay comes from splits (fees/commissions) taken from financial trades they endorse, funded with Family's money which their monetary authority has final approvals. These trades back the creation of qualified (endorsed) businesses they fund which are humanitarian - in that they are putting their people to work. All of which on the surface seems great but is really only more payola greasing the privileged few's way. But, hey! they learned from the best, didn't they?

China government is ultimately run by a (Nazi/Rothschild) CENTRAL BANK which dictates and controls the flow of money in every nation in which they are located, all over the world. They have full control of and 5 eyes support 100% of the way and their authority is unquestioned and unchallenged. Anyone involved in this pay-for-play scheme knows that it is an epidemic and it's world-wide and worse, under the current legal system (admiralty law) condoned. Turn the cannon in the direction of the real enemy, please! Target the shadow controlling forces behind these central banks and let's put an end to this global corruption once and for all.

Saturday afternoon is a time for relaxing and watching movies and this weekend feature flick was "RATPOCALYPSE". This film about global corruption net is one that's so bad you can't turn away. It's one man's mission as directed from "The Supreme Being", to spread the word that all corrupt politicians are turning into rats if they don't give back all of their ill-gotten gains. What a vision! What imagination! So true and so real, yet the rats persisted and prevailed and... well, I won't spoil it for you. It's a must see film.

We've got this.

We're not going to be fooled again.

Truth tellers own the net. Trolls and magpies are soon to be history.

This is a time-capsule moment. The moment our lives change forever. Savor/memorize this time for future generations. It is time that we held on to the belief that we will prevail with every fiber of our being, believing against all odds, that We the People have the Power!



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