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Friday, August 3, 2018

Assange: 'Q Anon Quarterly' Magazine

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Awake17, said to be Julian Assange's Twitter account, has tweeted an amazing mock cover of a magazine titled 'Q Anon Quarterly'.

Here are some of the headlines...

'Donald Trump: The Man Behind The Posts?'

'The Tampa Rally: Q Goes Mainstream'

'44 Q Proofs: Will 45 Be The Biggest?'

'The President's Fascination With The Number 17'

It makes sense that Q proof 45 will be the biggest - President Trump is the 45th President. There are actually a lot more Q proofs than that, so Assange must be referring to the most important ones.

And President Trump mentioned the number 17 several times during a recent rally. It was done in a manner that would have made no sense to the unawakened public, but it was a major 'shout out' to his massive Q fan base.

Also note the use of gold lettering on the 'Number 17' in the mock headline. Maybe a hint about the USA gold standard currency about to be announced?

I am pleased that Assange included Praying Medic on the cover, describing him as a 'Q Decoder Extraordinaire'. I agree with this description. Praying Medic is a humble intelligent man who puts a lot of time into his Q research. The results speak for themselves in his rapidly-growing subscriber base.

Last night there were 1,000 new subscribers on the Great Awakening Board. It's a great place (excuse the pun...) to read the thoughts of world Patriots on the Q posts, and to feel part of the Q community.

WE are Q!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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