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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dave Hodges -- Hillary Linked to Red Dawn, Major Bank Fraud and International Terrorism

Hillary Is Linked to Red Dawn, Major Bank Fraud and International Terrorism

Source: The Common Sense Show

Hillary is the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation did not just sell uranium to the Russians, they have committed equally egregious offenses against the American people. The Clinton Foundation is intimately involved in criminal conspiracies with HSBC Bank who is involved with elements of not just terrorists and drug dealers, but with forces who plan to invade the United States through a Red Dawn invasion force. After investigating this for nearly 5 years, the pieces are falling into place and are creating an understandable scenario of how the globalists are planning to take down our country. The Deep State has failed and it is time to call in the big boys.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Nathan Rothschild

The Rothschilds are intimately involved with HSBC bank which is intimately involved in drug running, gun running and child-sex-trafficking. HSBC is linked to a potential Red Dawn invasion force of the United States as well as the funding of 5th column forces which have illegally entered the United States.

When we break down the coming conflict, the apparent enemies of the United States will become very obvious. Basically, we can conclude that the entire world’s banking industry is behind the planned take down of the United States.

Many CSS Sources Citing the Same Facts

Citing an unnamed DEA source in yesterday’s article, I detailed the following crimes involving Central and South American interests. According to the DEA official, the Deep State, through its CIA connections are running covert programs which are self-funding through illegal operations (ie gun running, drug running, child-sex-trafficking). In many ways, these programs are an extension of the framework of the old Iran-Contra affair. However, the Iran-Contra affair was associated with destroying the Sandinista communist empire of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Should the Sandinistas had been totally successful. the Russians, a long-time Nicaragua ally, could have placed their backfire bombers in the country and the entire Southwestern United States would have been in range of these bombers, back in the 1980’s. However, in today’s upside-down world, the CIA, acting as an agent of HSBC bank, are helping Ortega directly and indirectly. Additionally, Ortega is providing funds, obtained through CIA assisted drug, gun and trafficking sources, to terrorist base training camps in El Salvador and Honduras. In every case, the money is being laundered through HSBC bank. HSBC, listed below, has been repeatedly busted for these activities. However, they pay fines, nobody goes to jail and they keep on stealing and dealing and planning the demise of the United States. HSBC can only get away with this if they have help from DOJ officials consisting of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein on their side, and this is the case.

Now, how can I be certain that his DEA agent is correct? The answer is simple, I have seen the proof before when former HSBC Senior VP, John Cruz, went rogue and exposed HSBC to both foreign and domestic involvement with rogue terrorists and cartel members as well as the nations of Peru, Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Because Cruz was relentless in his pursuit of justice against the bank. The bank fired Cruz for reporting these crimes to DHS and Loretta Lynch, then an United States Attorney.

As a result of the John Cruz whistle blowing, and despite the fact that key US officials initially stonewalled Cruz, the authorities were ultimately forced to react to the Cruz allegation of money laundering for terrorist/cartel interest in HSBC accounts.

From the 2012 report from the BBC:

HSBC has confirmed it is to pay US authorities $1.9bn (£1.2bn) in a settlement over money laundering, the largest paid in such a case.

A US Senate investigation said the UK-based bank had been a conduit for “drug kingpins and rogue nations”.

Money laundering is the process of disguising the proceeds of crime so that the money cannot be linked to the wrongdoing.

HSBC admitted having poor money laundering controls and apologized.

“We accept responsibility for our past mistakes,” said HSBC group chief executive Stuart Gulliver in a statement.

“We have said we are profoundly sorry for them, and we do so again.”

The bank said it had spent $290m on improving its systems to prevent money laundering and clawed back some bonuses paid to senior executives in the past.

These legal actions are called the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Bruce Steinberg and John Cruz were in possession of information that could have implicated both James Comey and Hillary Clinton in several criminal conspiracies. Comey served on the board of HSBC in London as cartel/terrorist organization were laundering their money through HSBC bank, much of it on behalf of Clinton (and we wonder why she was not indicted over the emails). And there was one more group that was participating in these escapades and it was the Clinton Foundation.

Today, one man is still alive and telling the story of Clinton/Comey criminal conspiracies and the other man’s corpse is not even recognizable after being burned beyond recognition in Costa Rica.
Bridgewater, James Comey and Bruce Steinberg

There is one significant and clear reason why John Cruz and his family are alive and Bruce Steinberg and his family are all dead. More on that later in the article.

Who is Bruce Steinberg? Or should I say, who was Bruce Steinberg? Bruce Steinberg and his entire family perished in fiery plane crash in Costa Rica that killed ten people. Steinberg was also an executive at Bridgewater Associates, a company which, as Politico is reporting that James Comey spent three years as an executive employed by Bridgewater. Bridgewater Associates is a $150 billion hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio that the New Yorker has labeled “the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund”, as The New Yorker reported back in June of 2016. Ray Dalio was a key Clinton supporter and was staunchly opposed to Donald Trump. The Clinton’s were fighting rumors that they were involved in Bridgewater’s more nefarious activities along with James Comey. And now the link between Bridgewater and the Clintons is dead along with his entire family. This is reminiscent of so many other Clinton deals gone bad (ie Whitewater) and the trail of bodies that follows a Clinton-inspired financial fiasco (eg McDougal).

But Wait…The Trail of Bodies Grows Even Longer

Zero Hedge previously reported in yet another airplane crash, involving ANOTHER small aircraft, in another crash, that the Compass Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Richard Cousins and four members of Cousins family were killed in another event identical to the Steinberg family. Cousin;s seaplane crashed into the Hawkesbury River in Sydney, Australia. Cousins’ company the Compass Group built the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. And how could Cousins have been a threat to the Clintons? Deciding what to put into the Presidential Library is an arduous task. One has to filter through volumes of documents and material that will not make it into the library. This task would have put Cousins in possession of some potentially damning information about the Clinton’s criminal activities. Of course, Cousins, on behalf of his firm, would have had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, such an agreement would not have been immune from a Federal subpoena for criminal wrongdoing. If I were an criminal investigator, this would be the starting point of any investigation into the Clinton criminal cartel.

And what did that criminal information contain that was buried with these murders? It contained proof of everything that John Cruz had previously alleged. It also contained proof that the Clinton Foundation, through HSBC bank, was helping to fund CIA operations in Central America that tied back to the training of paramilitary forces in El Salvador and Honduras and the original drug running operations were under the control of Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton. The latter HSBC operations would be the backbone of a future Red Dawn invasion force which would attack the United States.


In yesterday’s article, I connected the Shining Path and Sendero Luminoso to the Sanchez Paredes cartel from Peru. The Sanchez Paredes brought together Middle Eastern terrorists with Mexican drug cartels for the purpose of facilitating a world wide criminal empire funded by drugs, sex trafficking and gun running. Their bank of choice was HSBC. Their enforcement assassins are MS-13 and I have documented, repetitively, their presence on our soil courtesy of the UN and DHS during the 2014 Central American immigration invasion. Further, I am in receipt of information, provided by a knowledgeable third party, that President Trump has sent non-military, black ops forces to the border to interdict weapons of mass destruction being brought into the United States by these groups. No, this is not the action he took in May. It is the action that Trump is taking NOW! I only need to tie up one lose end and I will be releasing an audio file on this event.

This plot, which will be further developed in a subsequent article and will include the main players of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, ex-CIA director Brennan. And yes, they are all involved. How do you think Bill Clinton got to meet with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in Phoenix, over the email scandal?

I am also convinced that we are not going to have to wait long for what is coming. I am talking about a coup against Donald Trump and the American government. This is the fail safe mechanisms of the Deep State being brought to bear. The MSM no longer controls the people’s hearts and minds on behalf of the Deep State. The average person is inundated with talk of “Deep State”, “shadowy government”, “Pizzagate”, the murder of Seth Rich, the excessive criminality of the Clinton family cartel and the emerging fact that Brennan was, as CIA director, and is a primary force for the arrangement of funding for Red Dawn training forces. I am interviewing Kathy Rubio on Sunday night’s show. She and her family are eyewitnesses to many things discussed here.

More than ever before, the American people are increasingly awake and aware and Steve Quayle predicted, all will be revealed, and it is. More to come…

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