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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Former CIA Director John Brennan is in the First Wave of Indictments

Aug. 4 Former CIA Director John Brennan in First Wave of Indictments; 12 Attempts on Trump’s Life Won’t Stop Indictments (video), Greg Hunter

Source: Before Its News

(Greg Hunter quotes Dr. Dave Janda, who spent years as a top consultant to administrations starting with Reagan. He’s built an excellent network of political, law enforcement and intelligence sources during the past 30 years).

Dr. Dave Janda: “You are going to start to see movement on the indictments after the primaries are over on August 7th. There is going to be restoration of the rule of law - serving of indictments. Not 40,000, but a fraction of the sealed indictments will be unsealed and implemented. It is going to come in sections and in waves. I think one of the prime players to get dropped is John Brennan, former Director of the CIA. He is going to be held accountable for his past actions.”

“Look for movement on election issues after the primaries, too. I believe they are not going to allow cheating (by Democrats). I think they are going to do everything in their power, and that doesn’t mean there is not going to be some voter fraud issues or registration issues, I believe they are going to minimize it.”

“Putin and his team and Trump and his team were concerned that the Deep State would be listening into what was going on. This is why there was such a hysterical reaction after the summit. . . . They were whisked off and actually went to Air Force One because they felt that was the most secure environment where no surveillance could be implemented. This is the third meeting that nobody talks about that was held on Air Force One where information was handed over from Trump to Putin and from Putin to Trump about Deep State players and activities that were occurring in their respective countries around the world.”

“There have been 12 attempts on President Trump’s life. This is a story that has not been released to the mainstream press. The very top people in the New World Order such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, will not escape justice. If that doesn’t happen, then nothing will have changed.”

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