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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ikai via Kabamur -- We are Always Close and Watching Any Potential Dangers Regarding the Safety of the Planet

~The Great Awakening~

IKAI: We Are Always Close And Watching Any Potential Dangers Regarding Safety Of The Planet

KABAMUR - @kabamur_taygeta
4. August 2018

By Kabamur

Beloved Friends!

We Are Always Close And Watching Any Potential Dangers Regarding Safety Of The Planet.

Recently It Has Been Noted That A Meteor With A Massive Explosion Occurred Near A US Military Base In Greenland.

This Force Was So Powerful That It Would Have Destroyed Many Lives And Much Property And Equipment.

This Was Not A Meteor And As Noted On All Other Occasions Of Cover Up, It Is Reported To Be Of Unknown Origin.

It Traveled At 24.4 Kilometers Per Second And Had The Capacity To Destroy As A Massive Bomb.

We Wish To Assure You That The Light Forces (GFOL) Have These Situations Well Monitored.

What Was Observed Was One Of Our Finest Crafts Taking Out Another Force Which Had Invaded Your Territory.

USAF Is Aware This Was No Meteor.

Many Are Aware Of Our Presence And We Have Also Placed Our Own Pleiadian Forces To Interact With Military Forces On Ground And In Air.

This Particular Menace Was From A Planet Outside Your System.

These Random Forces Are Common To Us And We Take Them Out On Your Behalf.

We Are Beings Of Love, Power And Technology Which Is Beyond Your Comprehension In This Moment.
Trust That You Remain Safe And Well Protected.


Elder And Leader Of Taygeta

Operator Of GFOL And Strategic Leader Of The Event


One things I’ll add to this message – These negative ET races are only being allowed to come this close to Earth for the purposes of Disclosure. They will always be stopped before causing any damage.

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