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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Implementation Plan for Heaven on Earth


For over two millennium there has been an expectation of the potential and reality of the New Earth being realized. This concept has permeated all great religions in one form or another.

At the same time, over the course of years, humankind has brought to bear in certainty what it is not—what doesn’t work for the good of all. And as the angst of civilization has marched on, history records numerous shortfalls in spite of many worthy efforts.

In modern times, trillions of dollars have been invested over the years by governments, non-governmental organizations and a multitude of worthy causes—all aiming to make the world a better place; a more compassionate place; a more peaceful place.

Thousands of books have been written, all siting in one way or another, how to improve your life; how to make the world a better place; how to control more those who oppose and suppress. The advice all aimed at providing insights exclaiming in one way or another, “Here, do it this way.”

Thousands of tests, cultural programs, shifts in the ways we do things, etc., have been imagined, debated, and committed to exploring. The list is endless for the successes, improvements and downright failures. Nevertheless, the search for the utopian life continues on in hope of finding the perfect model.

So, what makes this solution different? What makes us think that what is given will bring forth a new beginning: a New Earth Realized that solves all of the world’s problems, ends hunger, war, and the vast indifferences between the humanities, cultures, and families of man throughout the world?

The difference is simplicity framed in a way that holds perfection as its aim, embracing it not as an end result, but rather as a journey. Herein we discover intention is infinite. 100%! It is a framework of love; a journey anchored in the belief that its all-encompassing nature is all that is needed.

For eons humankind has operated in the framework of seeking life first through the need to survive. We have lived life primarily from the point of view that, to live you need first survive at all costs. In this way, living life has long been rooted in avoiding death—and it is from this foundation that every civilization has been built. And it is this that always is ‘the why’ tribe fights tribe. The mentality has always been first and foremost about the tribe’s survival.

As a result, the three core systems of all societies: the education systems, health and healing systems, and financial/banking systems, have been anchored in and propagate one intention: extend life! Survive! So fear of death became first cause, the subconscious driver, motivation, and motive of life.

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