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Friday, August 3, 2018

Important Tweet from SRA Regarding Q on 8-3-18

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Hello IDC Family!

I just popped in on Sarah Ruth Ashcraft's Twitter account and she posted something very important from Q that was posted in 2017. I've pasted her tweet below. Remember, her initials = SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). I'm not sure if this is her real name or if she chose it specifically for the purpose of getting her story out there and educating everyone.

Note that I also pasted below that tweet someone else's tweet. It contains a list of members of mainstream media who are complicit in covering for the dark side. I saw the post on the Q board earlier. If you click on the list it will expand so you can read it. Even if you don't watch the mainstream media, which I don't, you will recognize some if not many names. There is one conspicuously missing that is also "allegedly" complicit and a part of the dark system. He works for CNN. He has gray/white hair. There's damning evidence out there about him and his "bloodline" family.

Anyway, we've been aware that the "dark" is doing everything possible to keep humanity from waking up. They're desperate and they are pulling out all the stops to prevent "The Event", "Ascension", etc... They hate humanity that much but they also fear humanity because they know what our true capabilities are and that's why they've gone all out to dumb us down through Big Pharma, toxic water, food, drinks, chem trails, education full of lies, etc... They want us to be "followers", not leaders. They do not want us to question anything and we should be questioning EVERYTHING!

They've been using Hollywood, the music industry (all types of music), the sports industry, etc..., against us for many decades. It's my understanding that they created Hollywood for that specific purpose in 1911! Note: They certainly do like the numbers 9-11, 911 for "emergencies"! Of course, that information is not in the mainstream media. I ran across it years ago in an article by someone who made very valid points that made sense back then but that make complete sense now.

"They" created the terminology "conspiracy theory" in the 1960's for a specific purpose having to do with keeping people from questioning their "official story line" about President JFK's assassination, and have continued to weaponize it regarding UFO's, alien life here and elsewhere, the Secret Space Programs, Black Budget money, Area 51, the secret underground base in Dulce New Mexico, etc... There are just way to many subjects to name but you get the point.

They use the terminology to discredit people who shine the light on the dark. It has been quite effective for those who are still sleep walking through life. It seems to strike fear in them so they walk away from anyone trying to show them or tell them the truth by shining the light on the dark. The "un awakened" and "unaware" even become angry and critical of those trying to show them the truth. They have been very well trained to be "sheep" but thank goodness so many are waking up! The "mind-control" by the dark is cracking.

Below are two links about the terminology. The second link contains a long article but just scrolling down to see what the subjects were was interesting and may be helpful in your awakening process or may be helpful when you are trying to help others to awaken. No matter how awake and aware we are there's still so much to "unlearn"and "re-learn".

Remember, knowledge is power, or should I say TRUE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

We must put our differences aside and stand together. Our differences make us interesting, give us the ability to help others through our strengths while others can help us through their strengths. We all have strengths and weaknesses! I actually prefer not to use the "label" of weakness. To me it's just that certain areas may not be our strengths.


Peace, Love & Light!

Spiritual Angel

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