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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Plane Flight Path Made 'Q' Over Island

Source: Dinar Chronicles

SpaceShot76 presents an astounding theory in his latest video. It seems that the Alliance DELIBERATELY crashed the Q400 plane into the island. The island could be head quarters for the most evil satanist cabal on Earth. Read on...

SpaceShot76 shows Q post number 1846 (at 9' 48"). This is the post with the four BOOMS and NEXT WEEK. Above that exciting message there's a picture of the Q400 plane and these words from Q...

'Autists catch the message?
Think missile.
Do you believe in coincidences?'

One very clever autist (Q Anon researcher) DID catch the message. Here is his amazing theory...

'Whitby Island missile was an assassination attempt. Island (plane crashed on) was the spook Deep State cabal head quarters where they also ( ) kids. Trump finds out. Comes out with plan for agent to crash plane into pedo island and bails out, or remote control...They crash the plane into the lap of the satanists' hide out. FBI comes in to investigate, spotlight is on the criminal occultists?'

This is a brilliant theory. The 'pedo island' is very close to Whitby Island, launch site for the missile attempt to assassinate President Trump just before the North Korean Peace Summit.

It gets even more interesting. The 'quiet well-liked Seattle airport worker' who 'stole' the plane is named Richard Russell. There was a submarine called the USS Richard Russell (it was de-commissioned in 1994). Its motto? 'They saved the best for last'.

Check out this excerpt from Q post number 714 from 10th February...

'Mess with the test, die like the rest...
Wizards and Warlocks.
Save the best for last'.

Does P stand for Plan? Maybe.

I could not write the actual word that was in front of 'kids' in the Anon's message. I can't read the pedophilia tweets that Q is now posting - they make me feel so nauseous. Thank God President Trump and the Alliance team are destroying the satanic cabal and saving our precious children.

Q has indicated that we may only ever see a small percentage of the satanic evidence. I understand why.

Happier news... SpaceShot76 reminds us that Q posted four BOOMS the week before the North Korea Peace Summit. President Trump and the Alliance team did not disappoint us that week. Dear IDC friends, they will not disappoint us now!

I am saving the best for last too. What letter of the alphabet do you suppose the Q400 flight path trajectory made as it circled above the cabal island? You've guessed it. An Anon surmised that the plane might have circled 17 times. Watch the video at 12' 54" and rejoice....


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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