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Monday, August 6, 2018

Reader: Actual Simpson Episode Info

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Agard

Hi all, read a post that had me ROTFLOL, Referencing the Simpson's and perhaps Ivanka could be "Lisa". and become President....omg....nothing could have been more hysterical.

If you actually watch and/or read The Simpsons Season Eleven:

Bart to the Future, March 2000

Lisa has just been elected President of the United States, and she is struggling to FIX the many problems bequeathed to her by the DISASTROUS administration of her predecessor, Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, I have heard mention that the Simpsons predicted DJT being president. Well it seems they did. However, I never hear the rest of the episode mentioned-- it specifically states that DJT administration was disastrous and caused many problems.

As an observer, a supporter of human rights and more importantly supporter of the rights of children. I see more and more disastrous actions taken by this Administration. My number one the illegal IMO separation of families at the border, while they were seeking asylum, is still active and should be concerning to everyone on this site.

There are almost 500 children that have STILL not been reunited with the parents from Trump's and Session's disastrous border policy.

One care center has been ordered to stop giving the CHILDREN psychotropic drugs without their parents and/or legal guardians consent. It's been reported it wasn't only in emergencies, children were being dosed am and pm.

There is another report about the sexual abuse of these children while they are in custody. I am researching that further.

Did you that we American's are being charge $750 a day for the care of these children. And whose pockets some of this money lining.....the military industrial complex and even a company with ties to Betsy Devos. Do the is costing us a fortune, mentally harming children and all for the absolutely Nothing. I personally think this is only the beginning --- The Trump Administration may be facing 1,000 of lawsuits about their actions and it's consequences

A leader in the Dept of DHS warned the Trump Administration against their "zero" tolerance policy, did they listen, NO. Now they have a much bigger mess then they ever thought on their hands. Amazingly, DJT and his DOJ submitted a court filing asking that the ACLU now be responsible for finding the parents they deported. ROTFLOL....they are delusional.....DJT caused the problem and now he wants the ACLU to fix it. The Judge rightfully ordered that the Trump Administration was 100% responsible for the problem and they need to find these parents or a legal guardian.

The result being that most likely a democratic President will once again have to clean up the mess of the hapless Republicans. Clinton did it following Bush, Obama did it following the second Bush and NOW a nameless Democratic candidate will have to do it following DJT.

We may, unfortunately, have to wait until the 2020 for this to happen....but I'm praying it happens more quickly.

Also America's White Knight, Robert Mueller- a decorated war hero and exemplary FBI agent, has so much information yet to be released, that I foresee the utter shock America will receive when it becomes Public.

No matter many DJT, Guiliani, Fox News, and the Alt-Right try and muddy the waters or throw out "squirrels"/red herrings to distract their base and a few other Americans the Facts (you know those things that are indisputable - and which under oath and when confronted with documentation - people admit to) will bring many people in the Administration, connected to the election committee and those who have falsely testified to Congress to justice.

No wonder that DJT and his minions are frantically tweeting and appearing on TV trying to move the "goal" posts once again. But is it all PR and propaganda, Robert Mueller, our silent champion has the facts, proof and witnesses on his side. Praise the Lord.


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