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Friday, August 3, 2018

Reader: Being an Awakened Individual

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously


- Words like "Cabal", "Deep State", "Illuminati", "False flags"

- You understand Mainstream Media is corrupt and protecting high level pedos

- You understand its a war between DARK vs LIGHT. (NOT democrats vs republicans)

- You understand that a lot of elites that run all industries around the world (and a lot of well known politicians on both parties) are part of child trafficking/ pedo networks/ satanic sacrifice abuse/ murder

- You understand that anyone who tries to protect the OLD PARADIGM, protect the MSM, protect the OLD ways of doing things, is part of the Cabal and is trying to cover up their crimes and keep the old power structure

- You understand that the entertainment industry (Hollywood/music industry) is run by satanic pedos at the top of the tree and use actors/artists as their puppets and be part of groups such as the Illuminati. You understand these puppets use SYMBOLS in their music videos/ social media posts etc.

- You understand that the majority of A-LISTERS in Hollywood and the music industry have sold their soul to the devil, and that in order to get where they are, they have to give something in return for fame and fortune. This means the elites have dirt on them and is used for blackmail to their advantage. (Part of pedo networks/satanic abuse etc)

- You understand that whistle blowers, survivors of abuse, movements like QANON are of the LIGHT and out to expose the DARKNESS in this world.

- You understand many terrorist attacks are "false flags" used by the Cabal to change the MSM narrative

- You understand that 9/11 was an inside job and the MSM narrative is a load of crap

- You understand MSM use the TRUMP/RUSSIA narrative to cover up their pedo crimes and change the MSM narrative to brainwash the "asleep" population

- You understand Donald Trump is of the LIGHT and has a role to play to expose the Cabal

- You understand that the majority of people who are child abuse victims/ anti-human trafficking / anti-pedo/ trying to protect our children against predators are all TRUMP supporters

- You understand you want a world of truth, happiness, joy, abundance, release of Suppressed technologies, and to be rid of the cabal.


- Being labelled a "Conspiracy Theorist" by the general public and MSM - to the "asleep" population this means to them that you are 'crazy' and some sort of whacko. MSM use this to their advantage to keep the old power structure and cover up their pedo crimes.

- As soon as the truth comes to light, MSM label movements like "QANON" a Cult, which immediately tells the 'asleep' population you are 'crazy'. This in-turn covers up the Cabal's crimes.

- If you show any sign you support Donald Trump, you're family and friends can disown you and outcast you. The brainwashing from the MSM to the 'asleep' population is damaging.

- As soon as you mention to the 'asleep' population people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are part of pedo networks/human trafficking they dismiss any sort of information that is outside of their comfort zone. They will come back at you with a Trump Meme and tell you that Trump is a racist/ misogynist etc etc without any real proof and direct you to a CNN article.

- Some people don't care about the TRUTH you're telling them and are so caught up on posting their selfie on Instagram, to caught up in following their Football team and other 3rd dimensional distractions that keep the Cabal safe from truth seekers.

**** My personal comments you don't have to agree with - AFTER THE CABAL ARE DEFEATED ****

This is a spiritual journey.

You know we are NOT the only ones in the galaxy.

You know that we are receiving external help for this battle between DARK vs LIGHT.

You know that more LIGHT is shining through on Earth each day to expose the darkness.

You know that more and more people are AWAKENING each day to the truth.

You know the MSM will be exposed for their lies.

You know our galactic family will once again re-join us once the LIGHT is victorious

You know suppressed technologies such as cures for cancer will be released in the near future and everyone will be in perfect health where the Cabal cannot profit on human famine, sickness.

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