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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Reader: Eating Pesticides

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By June Ann

Eating Pesticides

Often at markets I ask the produce management and workers if they would feed a new born their first meals of foods sprayed with pesticides. They always respond with a NO. But it's my next question I ask that stumps them. I ask them afterwards, “Why do you eat them”? They often stare out into space and think before saying, good question, or, I never thought of it that way. But really, does one think because one is grown and stronger than an infant that they can “take on” all those pesticides? Silly to think one can eat poisons and stay in good health at any age wouldn't you say?

Please be careful to purchase only organics when one can. This will help keep you healthy. And what about seeds? Just because you don't use pesticides in your garden doesn't make them organic. You can say organically grown, but, not organic unless the seed was originally organic seed. We are seeing that a lot. “Organically Grown” does not mean the seed was organic, it means it was only grown without using pesticides. So, let's look at the wording that is used. Best to plant what we can. And when planting please make sure the seeds are marked Organic, stay away from pesticides that are not eco friendly and enjoy a delicious and true Organic foods like Mom and Dad had. Remember those tasty meals? I do.

Wear or display ogone. Orgonite gives off life force energy or Orgone Energy (negative ions/zero point energy). This energy is what fuels creation on our planet and is used in every day survival. Orgonite is composed of copper coils and crystals compressed into resin creating a torsion field of sorts that together performs a sort of natural magic. This results in clearing, healing and protection. You can find orgone in a lot of places. I like

Now for toxins we hear about this that can remove this or what about that one that can remove that. Well how about one that removes all of them including radiation and nano particles? Then that would be Liquid Zeolite. A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage plus 4 sprays of Extra Strength in the morning and the same at night will do just that, protect us from the chemtrail metals, toxins and more. It acts like a magnet to metals and radiation.

Pure Body:

Pure Body Extra Strength:

Do you think that anti bacterial soaps work for you? I wished. Truth is they not only kill bacteria, but, they also kill human cells. Use anything else. I use Dr Bronners Soaps because they contain Essential Oils that do kill viruses, but, are good for us humans. Anti- Viral Essential Oils are what protects us from all kinds of viruses. Dr Bronners also produces an excellent Coconut Oil. Unlike most hurry up and produce, produce, produce attitude with metal equipment, Dr Bronners uses Wooden Press Machines which keep all the nutrients and is minus the metal shavings that happens during processing most other coconut oils. It tastes wonderful and is a great oil to cook in because it holds the heat well.

June Ann

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