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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Reader: New! Rooak "Q Recommended Books"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

I sent Dan an email on 7/31/18 and thanked him for his incredible work in putting the site together (still in work) for the 1000s of AWAKE Patriots and the Millions that are soon to WAKE UP that will want to access these Q recommended books. I offered to send him some $ for his efforts. Here is his reply. VERY VERY EXCITING !!!

Aug 1, 2018
Hi Hxxxxxx!

Thank you! This site has been specifically setup to point newbies to. As I've been following Q from the beginning, my eyes may be a lil glazed over as to how it appears to a newbie.
If you have any suggestions as how to improve, feel free to send them along.

You're so incredibly kind wanting to send money. Here's the link to do so:

I'm actually working to secure an investment to be able to launch this into a full-time news organization.

FoxNews made $7.6B in revenue last year. And they don't present real news.

The hope would be to scale this into a real news organization and take down MSM.

Trick is convincing investors that MSM is going anywhere... :P

The more you can share and point others to the site, the more traffic. Once we get to a certain amount of traffic, we can approach advertisers directly and setup direct merchant partnerships. (No investor needed)

Our desire is to partner with companies like Alaffia, TOMS Shoes, etc. Companies that are doing good in this world and providing clean (no cancer) products.

*****However, you need the traffic before they'll agree to direct partnerships.

I'm pretty sure the plan is to ultimately have a free press again, as EVERY MEDIA that is created by the big 6 is compromised.

The only way to return to a truly free press is by putting the truth out there, through Q, and allowing the people to get organized and form their own news organizations, free from government interference.

I discuss more on "The Plan" here:

The most help you could offer is keep sharing what you find here on the site. :)
I'll do my best to continue to produce quality content, but the plan is underway.

Dan McNeillie
Founder, Rooak News

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