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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Reader: Response to Steve Beckow's "On Covering Accountability"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By GJW

So Steve Beckow still believes Q and the white hats are using "willfull disinformation" to slander Obama. Poor Obama.

Never mind that Obama is running all over the world slandering and undermining a sitting president, and still trying to effect dirty deals. Nevermind the mounting evidence of his complicity in every corrupt transaction to sellout our country, our safety, our futures... And his direct abuse of executive powers in Executive orders he signed throughout his Presidency. Never mind that that the Q team has all the goods on him (FACT).

According to Steve Beckow its just "willfull disinformation" supported by a Archangel Michael channelling.

Maybe you need a new medium Steve Beckow.

How many times do legitimate psychics have to tell us that spirit channelings can be fudged, or otherwise corrupted, intentionally or unintentionally.

You've been touting the 'Obama is clean' narrative since way back to 2016, that I recall. I bought into it, because I read you then.

If Obama was taken out and replaced with a clone to do do the bidding of the dark government, that would be one thing. If that were the case certainly a legitimate Archangel Michael would clarify that little detail. You have never stated that.

Earth based evidence is looking like Obama was groomed to be one of the dark controllers from the start. So what say you, in your defense?

However will you have any credibility when Obama is arrested for TREASON? How will you ever explain THAT? You can't have it both ways. Either your medium is fake, which sheds doubt on all your attended channelings, or you have a political narrative to deceive and confuse the masses.

You've hopped on the Q bandwagon, momentarily, as a last ditch attempt to stay relevant to the still dazed and confused because maybe you think you can control some narrative for minds who haven't fully awoke yet and do some damage control.

Political agenda or fraudulent platform? And how long before the jig is up.


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