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Monday, August 6, 2018

Reader: Scalar Fields, Fluorescent Tube Experiment, PEMF Therapy

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Raw Vegan 13

Awesome Tesla and Rife inspired healing technology using healing frequencies and scalar waves!

Scalar waves are very healing and do not harm us unlike electro magnetic waves (EMF) that are emitted from cellphone towers, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

With this particular device you can literally place an essential oil or a vitamin tablet on the "sending plate" and experience the healing benefits of the supplement through "scalar waves"

You can also buy a stand alone frequency generator Generator X), download a program with a huge database of healing frequencies and use it with your desktop pc or laptop.

To find out more Google "John White" and "Spooky 2 Rife"

The future is here guys! With new technologies like these coming out I don't see the cabal controlled pharmaceuticals being in business for too long.

Scalar fields are real. The following demonstration proves the existence of Scalar Waves.

Nikola Tesla was no stranger to Scalar Waves and rumour has it that in 1931 he modified a "Pierce Arrow" Automobile to run on free energy. Could these have been Scalar Waves emitted from a giant mystery tower nearby,( scalar energy wave generator / sender) and could the mysterious black box in his car have been a "Scalar Energy Receiver"

I'm not an expert and I may be wrong but it seems plausible??

John White - In depth information on Spooky Scalar

John White - In depth information on "Generator X"


John White on Mini Magic PEMF

Here is another interesting device that uses Pemf or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to help with pain. Made by the same people who helped create Spooky Scalar and Spooky 2 Generator X.

Helps with various pains such as tooth aches, back pains and possibly even helps heal broken bones??

Costs around $180 and in my opinion better then using pain killers!

John White - PEMF - Mini Magic

More in depth information on how PEMF treatments can be helpful to the human body.

To your health,

Much Love

Raw Vegan 13


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