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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Steve Beckow -- Pittsburgh: Great Tragedy or False Flag?

Pittsburgh: Great Tragedy or False Flag?

October 28, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

Credit: Dr. Diva Verdun

I heard about the shooting at the Pittsburgh Synagogue at about 6:00 PM PST today (Oct. 27, 2018). How very sad.

If events are as they’re portrayed, it’s a sad day for the Jewish community and another sad day generally.

By 8:00 PM, it occurred to me to go to Wikipedia to see what had been posted on the event.

Unfortunately I didn’t see how soon after the shooting the narrative got posted but by 8:00 PM, it had 55 bibliographic references.

Wait a minute. Who does that degree of research that quickly among ordinary Wikipedia authors? No one. This person covered the waterfront, all before the day had ended.

And why would they do that degree of research so quickly? And how?

The tremendous degree of same-day detail in the mass-shooting narratives I’ve read, which I believe to be false flags, is nothing short of dazzling.

Who but a paid professional discovers and draws in this amount of knowledge before the day of the event is even over and presents it with such in-depth knowledge?

Someone who wants to nail down the narrative “beyond the shadow of a doubt.” Someone who was prepared and waiting for what they knew was coming.

I assert that the function of these Wikipedia narratives is to lay down the story line that’s intended to become the established mainstream-media version of what occurred.

What has occurred often recently – from airplane shootdowns to school shootings – have been, in my view, false-flag events. They’re staged by black operations (probably the CIA) to stampede the public, get people to demand better protection, erode civil rights, etc.

The cabal creates the problem and offers itself (in the form of state protection) as the answer. The result is more chaos, more police intervention, and fewer legal rights.

With that as prelude, let’s listen to the Wikipedia account:

A mass shooting occurred at the Tree of Life – Or L’Simchasynagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018,[9][10][11] at around 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.[12]Authorities reported eleven dead and six wounded, including four police officers.[13] A suspect, 46-year-old Robert D. Bowers,[14][15] was taken into custody[11][16] and charged with 29 federal counts.[7][8] The shooting occurred while Shabbatmorning services and a bris were being held in the building.[17][7] The gunman reportedly shouted “All Jews must die!” before opening fire.[18] Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, issued a statement saying the organization believes the attack is “the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States”.[19][20][21][22] (1)

This summation establishes the main parameters of the account: What happened [deadly attack on a Jewish community. False-flag attack? That’s a conspiracy theory!], who did it [lone gunman. Not an MKUltra, mind-controlled shooter?], what he said [“All Jews must die!”], what the reaction of affected parties was [ADL confirms “deadliest attack on a Jewish community”], etc.

These attacks are designed to establish in the public mind what happened, just as street interviews after 9/11 “confirmed” that terrorists – namely, Al Qaida – had carried out the attack. Not George Bush and Dick Cheney. Not the CIA, MI6, Mossad, Northern Command, NORAD, and numberless corporations and government agencies.

It takes investigators time to discover the real truth behind false-flag operations. But it took the deep state no time at all to establish their narrative on Wikipedia – and I assume other similar Internet venues. Now anyone who wants to know what really happened can go to that universally-accepted source, Wikipedia. Wikipedia knows.

By these means, the cabal excites fear – in this case – in the Jewish community. They sow the seeds of dissension and terror and watch that add to the chaos.

Last month it was Kavanaugh. This month it’s a “refugee” caravan moving up from Central America, bombs “targeting” Democrats, hurricanes everywhere, Disclosure witnesses dying. (2) And now a synagogue “mass shooting.” I believe this to be manufactured chaos.

Once the mid-terms are over, I predict we’ll see the chaos fall off, just as Christine Blasey Ford dropped her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh right after he was confirmed. It will be shown to have been about the midterms and the cabal trying to prevent its own demise, and not about the alleged particulars.

Can we not see the manner in which the deep state operates? Can we not see how they join their attacks to issues we support?

I support #MeToo, but Christine Ford? No, her ties to the CIA were far too intimate for me. But if I say so, I risk being called anti-feminist, anti-#MeToo. Which of course I’m not.

The cabal depends on me not wanting to risk offending #MeToo and so remaining quiet and accepting the CIA attack on the judge.

To me the Pittsburgh shooting is similar. It looks like a deep-state operation with (probably) an MKUltra (that is, mind-controlled) shooter. But if I say so I risk being called an anti-Semite by the ADL or someone else.

In similar past false-flag events, if this is one, the “victims” have been actors. I’d need to know whether they were actors here as well before I finally made up my mind.

It’s so sad to be talking this way about an event which may be a great tragedy. But the cabal has used its false-flag strategy on us so many times. They depend on us feeling too uncomfortable to talk about the subject or confront them.

And they depend on the people who are creating momentum for an issue (#MeToo or the Anti-Defamation League) to do the cabal’s work of chastising and destroying those who do contest the Wikipedia/MSM version. We’re thought of as attacking their group rather than refusing to be lied to by the cabal.

I’m paying very little attention to what’s happening on the political scene now. It’s nothing I’m innately interested in. And I don’t have a background in it.

But at the same time I refuse to be hoodwinked (if I am being hoodwinked) by the deep state.


(1) “Pittsburgh synagogue shooting,” Wikipedia, at

(2) David Wilcock, “MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program,” Divine Cosmos, Oct 27, 2018, at

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