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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

ECETI James Gilliland -- Bringing Sanity to an Insane World

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland


Bringing sanity to an insane world, an objective non-party non-political approach.

Where to begin? First know your history. There are many on the left, mostly democrats who want socialism. This is in complete ignorance of the 61 failed attempts by other countries. If you want a current example see Venezuela. There was one attempt where a man went after the rich, promised wealth, abundance, free health care etc. to the masses saying he was the people’s choice. His party was the National Socialist Party. He along with other socialist dictators disarmed the people, took the wealth at gunpoint, nationalized industry of which war became the main industry. His name was Hitler. He killed over 150,000 German citizens along with the 6 million Jews. Chairman Mao disarmed the people then killed 40 to 70 million with his Single Party Socialism, Then there was Stalin, 20 million killed yes socialist party. North Korea 1.6 million Independent Socialist State. Tito 1.6 million Yugoslavia, Socialist Federation, the list goes on and on. Even the countries people use as examples of socialism that works have converted to more of a capitalistic state due to serious flaws in the system and economic failures.

There is a long history of socialist dictators who disarmed their citizens then went on a genocidal killing spree resulting in the death of thousands if not millions. When we look at the donors behind those calling for socialism we find the same Nazi ties. Research Soros and the 187 foundations he sponsors to create division, separation and chaos. The open borders program is nothing more than the global elites plan to flood countries with immigrants with culture and religious clashes to take down nations due to taxing their infrastructures to the point of collapse. Open boarders is one such organization. The caravans of thousands are financed by these same people making false promises creating the border, “crises”. The gender and race wars are also sponsored by the very same people. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, even the Women’s Marches are also sponsored by the same group. How about a divine feminine march rather than the one who’s leaders have openly called for Sharia Law. If you want to sponsor a barbaric law where women have no rights this would be the path. Sadly, many of these women are blinded by their own traumas, projecting and displacing anger, engaged emotionally without logic. Why would any woman in their right mind support this? It is because they have been lied too. Those playing the race and gender cards which in truth are preying on unhealed wounds and emotions with an agenda have fallen into this same trap. What is ironic is most are the radical left or democrats. The KKK were democrats, democrats voted against equal rights for Blacks and Women. Lincoln was a republican. Know your history.

There is a mass Stockholm syndrome effect going on void of facts and statistics. Its’ like fighting for the crackers against those trying to free you from slavery and make a better life. The lame stream media are the crackers voice, they are deceivers, talking heads for the enslavers. More Blacks and Hispanics were imprisoned by the Clinton and Obama democratic administrations than any other. For those who do not know what a cracker is they were the ones who cracked the whips on the slaves. This rage is engineered and directed away from the very people responsible for the atrocities. There are some highly educated and awake African Americans who I would rather call Americans in the light of unity that have figured it out yet when they try to educate and free their own people to leave the plantation they are attacked. Attacked by the very people they are trying to educate and free? How do you educate and free anyone that will attack you for doing so?

Did you know John Kennedy was the last independent president? He was against big government, war, wanted to abolish the CIA for corruption and wanted to end the Federal Reserve System going back on the gold standard. So did Jefferson, Lincoln, and now your president elect. Trumps platform is almost identical to Kennedy’s. As a disclaimer I am not a Republican just an honest observer without all the emotional baggage and social programming. How many agencies actually are doing the mandate they were created for with impeccable integrity, without political agendas? Have you been observing the duplicity, the double standard. Reason this, “How many agencies and institutions serve the people? How many political, religious, corporate leaders are looking after you? Despite their rhetoric, they are self-serving. Most want more power and wealth wolves disguised as sheep. The Yellow Vests in Europe have figured this out. Yet some politicians want to be more like Europe when Europe, after a failed attempt by the global elite to dominate and enslave them, is trying to be like us.

Everything is backwards or opposite. How do you solve a problem, bring healing to a situation when those you are trying to help have been conditioned, “brainwashed”, into believing you’re the enemy? How do you break that barrier? One would think historical facts, truth, even a long track record of honesty, integrity, good deeds would be enough. Nothing is enough when you have a machine constantly spitting out lies and character assassinations that has become the source for information for almost every American? That machine is the global elite, corporate sponsored lame stream news. There is no doubt the lame stream news is fake, they whip everyone into a frenzy over lies and deceptions specifically designed to take out anyone trying to educate, free, and bring the power back to the people. They are global elite, deep state sock puppets and bad actors.

Why These Reporters Are Reading The Same Fake News Bit - Click here for more

If you have not figured out who the deep state are you have not been paying attention. Almost all agencies have been corrupted, weaponized against the people and they are targeting those who are trying to educate and free the people. Those restoring the power back to the people. They are a diversion away from the real tyrants, criminals and enslavers.

False flags are nothing more than a diversion especially when people are finding out the truth the attention has to be diverted. How many lies concerning Iraq’s ghost weapons of mass destruction did we hear? What did Iraq have to do with the bombing of the Twin Towers? Osama Bin Laden was from Afghanistan yet we went to war with Iraq over 911. How many times has he died? Why are all the Navy Seals dead that participated in that extraction? Where is the body to test the DNA. After all the visits to military hospitals due to kidney failure surely we have his DNA. Wait until the truth about Benghazi and who was arming the Al Qaeda comes out. It was not what the press told you.

There is massive evidence concerning Russian Collusion yet it all points back to the Clintons to the tune of 145 million plus in bribes. Research Uranium 1. The subpoena for computers, servers, mobile phones was ignored by the Clintons and they were bleached and destroyed with no consequences. Have there been any early morning raids on democrats? The whole Russian collusion investigation was based on a salacious unverified Russian dossier bought and paid for by the Clinton foundation. Did they collude with the Russians, foreign spies to take down a duly elected President? How many FBI and DOJ agents on the highest level have been fired or forced to step down? Has the main stream media continued to beat the public over the head with a false narrative, they in their own words called a nothing burger.

Even the FBI said there was no there, there, no collusion to this day they have found no collusion. The lame stream media constantly pushes the lie todays the day, we got the goods yet nothing ever gels. Is it not getting old? If you are charged with sexual abuse and you are a democrat nothing is heard it goes unpunished swept under the rug. Yet if women make false accusations, later find they were bribed the accusations stay in print forever. Where are the retractions? Are we not innocent until proven guilty? Not with the left or the press. How many politicians said we believe her, continue to make the same accusations despite the preponderance of evidence the accusations had no merit or foundation? Muller, deeply tied to Uranium 1 scandal, erased critical cell phone records of key witnesses in his investigation into the phantom Russian collusion. Would those emails be detrimental to their agenda? Why has the real collusion with the Clintons with a mountain of evidence never addressed?

The point I am making here is we are living in world of opposites, lies and deceptions. Many are acting upon these lies and deceptions misplacing their trust in those who are in truth responsible for their problems. The core problem is layered. It begins with unseen negative influences call them negative ets, demons, satanist, luciferians, archons it does not matter they all operate the same. Political and Religious institutions are riddled with Satanic rituals and pedophiles as is the Movie and Music industries. The ones most vocal are the ones most guilty.

There is always a counter to the negative call them spiritually and technologically advanced ETs, Angels, Ascended Masters etc. There are those that willingly or in ignorance to one degree or the other carry out the goals of one or the other. There is a greater plan, it is said God has sent his best along with legions and a force or frequency that will put an end to the struggles of man/woman. This is well underway, no rock shall be left unturned.

Unbridled greed, the lust for power and wealth usually at the expense of humanity and the earth, lack of empathy, narcissism, false ego, separation, chaos, self-service, pathological liars are aspects of the dark or negative force. I would have to say the main stream media are replete with these qualities as the radical left yet these qualities are also found within some Republicans.

We have to judge a person not by their skin color, culture or belief but by their actions. A man’s/woman’s actions establish their character.

Love, joy, bliss, making your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection in service to the Creator within all Creation is the light or positive force. How are your leadership, your institutions and organizations yourself included expressing? Do they operate under Universal or Natural Law? Are they practicing Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly love/Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All? Are they creating Heaven on Earth? Are you creating heaven on Earth? Make no mistake those who are lying, deceiving, bearing false witness, creating division, separation and chaos are in service to a dark lord and agenda. This is either willingly or in ignorance and it is sad to say the masses are just now figuring this out. Something that has been so obvious to those with eyes to see. Know the agenda of the Global Elite, Order through Chaos and the Hegelian Dialectic, they create the problem, you react, they come with the solution, the solution consists of your submission to them. Their goal is total domination, two classes the ultrarich and the poor. They are the war and disease profiteers. They desire socialism, want to disarm the citizens, and will use the race and gender cards to reach their goals, divide and conquer. Once you know this the masks will come down. You will see the ones who profess to be your saviors are often puppets for the enslavers. Socialism, disarming the people, playing the race and gender cards are a dead giveaway. Following the money also makes things obvious.

Impeccable Integrity, truth, honest education, service to others empowering the individual is the answer. Those who live in Unity Consciousness, abide by Universal Law, those who serve those less fortunate, honor the sacred circle of life, those are on the side of the light. Do not be confused by those who promise you everything at someone else’s expense. If they were to give you 100 dollars then took, 70 or 80 dollars back with the promise that they will take care of you why not give you the hundred and say take care of yourself? What about creating that hundred dollars yourself and keeping the majority of it? If they are going to take it from the rich what happens when the rich run out of money and assets? What you have left is the left and they soon will be starving the end result of other socialistic countries eventually ending in total collapse. Again look at Venezuela. It is and always has been unsustainable. I am not saying capitalism does not have its problems. The gross uneven dispersal of wealth is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Socialism is not the answer.

The question one should really ask is how do the spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations live. There lies your answer. They live in Unity Consciousness under Universal Law. Consciousness is the key, the raising of which is necessary for any society to advance.

I have an extreme aversion to liars and manipulators with hidden agendas. Tyranny is also a big one taking advantage of those less fortunate. Unbridled greed and lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the earth by morally and spiritually bankrupt people is also something I have little tolerance for. I am working on forgiveness and loving detachment in those areas. Yet how can anyone when surrounded by pain, suffering, lack, all of which is unnecessary turn a blind eye and do nothing. Luckily, I am not alone, there are light workers, white hats, people of strong character who are also seeing behind the curtain. That curtain is coming down, the masks are coming off, it is going to be a shock for some, a grand aha for others that knew something was off. Many actually never fit in and thought something was wrong with them. Enjoy the show and direct your energies wisely. I would also strongly suggest embracing the idea that much of what you believe were never your ideas in the first place. A manufactured reality. Do not participate in your own demise as the dark hearts desire. Tyranny is coming to an end.

James Gilliland

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