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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Rinus Verhagen -- MH17 / MH370 Proven False Flag Attack

MH17 / MH370

Proven false flag attack to force a conflict with Russia, as we now know to camouflage the failure of the Fiat money system.

The leading players of the Cabal, Deep State accomplices and mass murderers:


Own addition:

The crime and genocide plan and attack on the MH17 / MH370 should have been a robbery of resources from Ukraine, the MI6 in the UK received the Black Boxes, and never made it clear what the real story was.

Frans Timmermans now second man of the corrupt EU, how he made his way to the mach.

Further facts can be found at:

From the story below it is clear that not the MH17 but the MH370 was shot down in the Ukraine.

Then my question comes where did the people of the MH17 stay or were killed by the Cabal, and how did they exchange these bodies?

Mark Rutte promised that the lower stone would be brought to the surface, but sits on the lid of the cover himself, there will only be false state propaganda full of lies.

Questions for the truth are cleverly avoided or ignored, this to roll out the geopolitical agenda of the NWO.

As usual with a Coup by the Cabal, the Gold is the first to be stolen from countries where the Rattan Shield is introduced.

Soros and cronies make the population pay for their own misery by a large national bank robbery.

Let us hope that Trump and the Alliance reserve these global criminals a place on GITMO, to stop their crime against humanity.

The well-known investigative journalist and historian Eric Zuesse has published an extensive article containing evidence about the true circumstances of the MH17 disaster.

His report leaves no stone unturned by the Dutch government and he accuses Rutte and his associates of complicity in the shooting down of MH17.

From this moment on, there is no longer any excuse for the inhabitants of our country to accept the lies of our government regarding the disaster with MH17.

The historian and investigative journalist Eric Zuesse has now published a very extensive article, with all the necessary evidence, which shows that the Netherlands is fully complicit in the preparation and run-up to the events that led to the shooting out of the air of MH17.

In addition, our government not only played a crucial role in facilitating the shooting down of MH17, but also afterwards by creating and maintaining the MH17 cover.

As a result, the Netherlands is complicit in the murder of 298 fellow human beings, including 193 own citizens. (Editing: leaving aside for the sake of readability that there may have been corpses of the disappeared flight MH370 on board) clothes&catid=20:it-complot&Itemid=33 Cases with winter clothes on a summer vacation flight is not what you expect to find.

Zuesse's conclusion is rock-hard and that is that not only is the Dutch government complicit in the disaster in all respects, but also that the people who, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence there is, still believe the formal BUK story and are therefore very stupid.

That not only the government is complicit in this murder, but also all those who spread the fake story further and are just as guilty.

Zuesse states that anyone who after reading his article and the accompanying evidence still promotes the official story can only be a slave to the psychopaths we call government.

At the heart of the story and the motive for the murder, as we have always argued, is forcing Europe to introduce sanctions against Russia.

As shown in Zuesse's article, extensive articles appeared in the US media in particular just before the disaster, stating that America was increasing the pressure on Europe to impose sanctions against Russia.

It was abundantly clear that nobody in Europe was keen on sanctions, and then the MH17 disaster came and there was no excuse for not imposing them without delay, which was done promptly.

In Zuesse's article, the Netherlands, or rather the Dutch Government, is razed to the ground and designated as America's chief accomplice in this whole unsavory story.

Our country played a not inconsiderable role in the development of the American coup in Ukraine earlier that year.

They financed part of the coup d'état and thereby helped to make it possible for a new regime to be installed. One who became the perpetrator of the shooting down of MH17.

The concrete financing of the Netherlands consisted of making money available to a television station that, among other things, called for the genocide of the inhabitants in the eastern part of the country. It is possible that there are other money flows, but we do not yet know about them.

In May of this year the JIT team gave a presentation and appointed Russia as the person responsible for shooting down MH17.

This was demonstrated by all kinds of vague images from social media and Youtube videos that would show that a BUK system had been transported from Russia to Ukraine, to then shoot the plane out of the air and then return to Russia.

Apart from the fact that this so-called proof was included at least 14 days before the disaster, there is another very important fact.

During that presentation of the JIT team, some parts of a BUK rocket that were allegedly found at the site of the disaster were also shown.

Something that has been completely ignored in the Western media is the hard evidence provided by Russia in September.

During a press briefing the serial numbers on the parts presented at the JIT presentation by Russia were used to show through original factory logbooks and the like that this system was sold and delivered to Ukraine in 1986 and that it never returned to Russia (!).

If a BUK was indeed used during the shooting, there are doubts about this, and the presented parts were indeed found at the scene of the disaster, then it was established with one hundred percent certainty that it was a BUK system, which was delivered to and owned by the government in Kiev.

We now have a perpetrator and we have a motive. We have an offender who is a member of the JIT research team and who also has a right of veto on what may or may not be disclosed.

All this has been cooked up in a secret meeting and as Zuesse states, the Dutch government simply breaks the law by completely ignoring a WOB (Public Administration Act) request from Elsevier regarding this secret meeting.

We have a perpetrator who states that that day all primary radar systems were in maintenance, who states that that day no military aircraft were operational in that area and we have witnesses who shortly before the disaster did see military aircraft take off.

We have a perpetrator who deliberately gives this flight a different route compared to all previous flights and who also directs it to a lower altitude so that it can be reached by an SU-25 fighter plane.

A story that was initially referred to the realm of fables because the following Wikipedia could not reach that altitude, but where we have demonstrated with evidence that the Wikipedia was tampered with and that this aircraft could reach that altitude.

Crucial to the whole story are the witnesses who have seen several aircraft in the air and who have clearly observed a military jet. Notorious of course is the report made by the BBC just after the disaster where witnesses tell about those planes.

As soon as the BBC realised what the witnesses were saying, the documentary was put offline. The BBC gives the reason that this report unfortunately does not meet the quality requirements of the BBC.

This, of course, brings us to the next point, and that is that the mainstream media are just as complicit as the government. Eric Zuesse has sent a copy of his article to all major media organisations, including the Dutch ones, so that they can no longer say: "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".

Afterwards, many more witnesses have emerged, but the most reliable are always those from just after a disaster, because at that moment they simply tell what they have seen and have not yet been influenced by anything or anybody.

It is very clear, as Peter Haisenko's research shows, that MH17 was shot at by an SU-25 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force.

The bullet holes in the top of the wing and the cockpit are irrefutably from a 30 mm board gun.

The fact that a BUK rocket was used to finish the job is actually less interesting than the fact that the plane was fired at by an SU-25 jet that could reach that height despite the Wikipedia mess.

We have a perpetrator, we have the murder weapon and we have the motif.

Ironically in the story is that the perpetrator has provided the evidence to the JIT team and it is the same evidence that now exposes the perpetrator because undeniably Russia has shown that the relevant BUK system has been in Ukraine since 1986.

Eric Zuesse therefore advises the next of kin to sue not Russia, but Ukraine and its president Poroshenko and to claim damages from that address.

In addition, we would like to advise the next of kin to put the Dutch government in a position to make accusations and to file an enormous claim for damages there too.

You could also submit the same claim to the MSM for deliberately concealing facts from the population. The MSM that actively cooperate in maintaining the cover-up. All information about the true facts can be found via the article of Eric Zuesse and via the links to articles on this website.

There is no longer any excuse for anyone to believe the stupid lies of the JIT team. Please let the yellow jackets at the next demonstrations demand openness about the MH17 cover-up and let's all make sure that the criminals who have condemned and punished all this on their conscience.

And in order to trace these criminals, we do not need to go all the way to Russia, fortunately, because they are just in their own country.

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